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What is a Twitch Affiliate?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

If you've read my resume, then you already know that I am a Twitch Affiliate. But do you know what that means? Twitch is a live streaming platform, meaning that 'streamers' such as myself log on to the service to broadcast video content live to our followers and paid subscribers. It's a lot of fun!

Producing a live Twitch broadcast is no small feat, even if you're 'just playing video games.' You need a webcam (and preferably a green screen), OBS (Open Broadcaster Software such as StreamLabs or XSplit), and for gamers you'll also need some way to input the video feed from the videogame through the use of a capture card. Honestly, you need to have some on-camera charisma to keep viewers engaged as well!

A background in graphic design is needed if you want to design your own overlays, backgrounds and other elements that are used on screen during the broadcast. Knowledge of video editing and live broadcasting is also essential to creating professional looking content. Competition is fierce and people will do anything that they can to stand out!

Simply streaming on Twitch is not enough to reach the status of Twitch Affiliate. The "affiliate" accolade allows the streamer to offer paid subscription tiers and receive Twitch's premium currency "bits," which people can give as tips, to monetize their channel. Streamers are required to meet certain stream and follower number requirements in order to be eligible for Affiliate status. The most successful of streamers are offered an elite tier - Partner status - which is the ultimate goal. Partners have huge followings and work with corporate sponsors to promote games, bringing in serious profits!

I have been a Twitch Affiliate for over a year, and it has been a great way to keep my video skills sharp while being confined indoors during this pandemic. I admit that my Twitch channel is more of a casual production wherein I play Nintendo videogames and enjoy a beer while chatting with my friends and viewers. But despite it being all "fun and games" it still requires a great deal of effort to maintain a weekly broadcast schedule, including social media promotion. I also create additional video content on YouTube and TikTok to advertise and drive traffic to my Twitch channel, and I write a gaming blog where I can share my videos with the WordPress community.

Therefore, I am proud to be a Twitch Affiliate! I've put in a lot of work to get to this point. I appreciate having this outlet to express myself creatively in a fun and social way. Twitch is all about community and making new friends, and in a time when we are social distancing, it's a worthy entertainment alternative. Check out my channel at - but keep it mind, live broadcast content on my channel is Rated M!

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Jim Allsop
Apr 26, 2023

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