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Makeup with Compassion

These days, many people might skip their daily makeup routine. And that's all right, with more people working from home and no big events to attend safely during a pandemic. However, I certainly haven't given up on makeup altogether, and I still find small joys in getting dressed up to take a selfie or to go dining at an outdoor restaurant. So if you're like me and still investing in eyeliner and mascara (let's face it, lipstick and gloss don't mix well with face masks), then read on because I want to share with you my favorite cosmetics brand: Thrive Causemetics!

Thrive Causemetics is a game changer in two ways:

1) Amazing Products!! I was first introduced to this brand via a free sample of the iconic Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. This mascara is completely out of this world! I have thin eye lashes, so I was dubious... but after trying out this mascara, I was completely convinced. The Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara uses magical makeup science to create fibers along your lashes that literally lenghten them. It employs a formula that doesn't clump and dries quickly, leaving you with longer and thicker looking eyelashes. Check out this image from the Thrive Causemetics website, which is an accurate representation of the results from this product:

2) Amazing CAUSE!! It's right there in the brand's name - Thrive Causemetics! When the company first began, they pledged that for every product purchased, they would donate a match of your order to a woman struggling with cancer. Their mindset was that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, no matter what is going on in their life.

As Thrive Causemetics continued to grow as a company, they expanded to larger philanthropic efforts, large donations to charities, and establishing an online community of influencers with charity outreach. I think it's truly amazing to see how far Thrive Causemetics has come, and the products continue to be high quality across the line. You can learn more about how Thrive Causemetics gives back by visiting their website.

Next time you are searching for a new mascara option, give Thrive Causemetics a try. Considering the high quality products and knowing that the company is spreading good karma... for me, it's an easy decision!

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