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Lockdown Crafting

Sometimes the best thing to do when facing an uncertain future is to focus on what makes you happy in the here and now. Things are a little bit crazy right now and personally, I find creative outlets to be a great way to reduce anxiety. I enjoy crafting and learning about new art mediums, and in the past I used to attend CraftJam workshops with friends.

Obviously with the coronavirus pandemic, we aren't able to do that anymore. Luckily, CraftJam now offers new 'webjams,' which is the same idea... but now on the web! It's a great way to hang out with likeminded people and learn about a new craft or art project. The webinar I attended was "How to Create a Zine." For those who don't know, a Zine is an 8 page mini magazine that is created out of a single sheet of paper.

I didn't come into the workshop with a solid concept, so I created a Zine about what was on my mind: LOCKDOWN. Using simple text and colors (and some fun stickers that I had stashed away) I created a mini guide on how to survive being stuck inside all day.

Check out the gallery of photos!

Making a Zine was a lot of fun, and helped me to remember to appreciate the simple things. I definitely want to start making more Zines about all sorts of things! They are great because you only need a simple sheet of paper to make them, making them easy to distribute and share.

What would you like to make a Zine about?

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