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Feelin' Fresh in San Antonio

When one thinks of Texas, the food that usually comes to mind is not typically acai bowls. However, one healthy eatery outside of San Antonio has a mission to provide fresh and delicious food to their customers.

Part juice bar, part mindful community outpost, Herb-N-Juice is more than just a clever name. Located just outside the heart of San Antonio, this Vegan hot-spot features fresh fruit smoothies and various acai bowls to meet anyone's tastes. The front of the store has a seating area and displays countless business cards and brochures for wellness, healing and spiritual coaching.

I ordered a peanut butter acai bowl, which was served with banana, blueberry, granola and cocoa flakes, with an extra dollop of PB on top for good measure. It was so delicious! The peanut butter was well blended into the acai berry mixture, making it a protein-packed and filling dish. The flavors mixed together very well and it was served cold enough to give me an 'ice cream headache'!

Herb-N-Juice's resident kitty, lounging in the window.

For those who are visiting San Antonio and feel a bit guilty for consuming so many tacos and BBQ ribs at dinner, this is a great spot to go to for brunch the next morning! Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the acai bowls!

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